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August 08, 2022 1 min read

Heat, humidity. It's here in most place of the U.S. and beyond, and sometimes a cold glass of water doesn't cut it. Maybe a mocktail that's refreshing, tasty and fun to drink? That's this Cucumber Limeade Mocktail, that includes perfect summer drink ingredients alongside one of our most underrated collagen flavors: Multi Collagen Protein Cucumber Lime.

The combination of cucumber, fresh mint, lime juice, a bit of sea salt and sparkling water is something to savor, for and anyone joining you for drink. Even better, it includes a serving of our clinically studied collagen for better skin, gut health and joints ... and clocks in at only 59 calories for an ideal light summer drink. 

Key Ingredients 

Cucumbers: Providing both polyphenol antioxidants and vitamin K, drinking a form of cucumber water can help cleanse and even help cut your intake of added sugar. It's also a major thirst quencher, as cucumbers have a very high water content.

Limes: Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, limes also provide calcium, iron, potassium and fiber. Like cucumbers, limes are a good cleansing ingredient that can help flush the body and help battle aging. 

Multi Collagen Protein Cucumber Lime: Light in cucumber flavor with a kick of lime, this blend is a tasteful addition to many mocktails but especially the one below. This hydrolyzed collagen protein powder also mixes perfectly.